The 202 Club

Attitude Adjustment Meeting
New Location !
Current as of 9/25/2016

The daily Attitude Adjustment meeting is now located at Gate 7 off of North Baldwin Avenue in Arcadia, next door to the Winners Foundation at Santa Anita Park.  IMPORTANT: Gate 7 is not accessible from the main Santa Anita Park entrance on Huntington Drive. Refer to the following location details for directions to the meeting.

Location Details:

Gate 7 is on North Baldwin Avenue Directly across from the entrance to the LA County Arboretum. Gate 7 does NOT have a numeric postal address so GPS maps rarely find it. To help you find us we have created this annotated Map.

We meet in the brown building you see directly in front as you head down the Gate 7 driveway. 

An "AA" sign is clearly visible in front of the meeting room.

The building is brown, not white as shown on the map.

Parking is actually plentiful towards the back of the parking lot as you head toward the stacks of hay bales.  The Map shows the location where parking spaces are always available.

After nearly 50 years of providing 12 Step Meetings in the City of Pasadena, The 202 Club was formally closed on August 26, 2014. 

Prohibitively expensive demands placed upon the club by the City of Pasadena made it impossible for the club to remain open. Although it has always been our intention to secure a new location this has not been easy given the restrictions placed upon us by the City of Pasadena.

Nevertheless, with your help it may be possible to resurrect our beloved 202.   Please let us know of any suitable location(s) within the unincorporated area of the city that are available for lease.  "It takes a village", but with your help we may rise again!

Email Toby O. at with any suggestions.

Map -  Click to enlarge